Ferris, to friends, works in a laboratory – it’s perfectly safe, he says.

He studied forensics, anthropology, genetics with a bachelor degree and a masters – he was even an ecologist at one point. Although now he spends most of his time in a laboratory / dungeon, wondering if he should move jobs again.

Technically he’s qualified to hide bodies. Just saying.

He loves fantasy and fiction of all genres, with a special place in his heart for horror, especially the cosmic sort. Lovecraft is his delta-girlfriend.

20+ years playing RPGs, digital gaming since the late 80’s and GM/DM for campaigns spanning years. He’s started three newbie D&D groups in his time, collect friendship tokens from people all over the world and loves chatting about inane shit when he’s eaten too many biscuits.

He pretends to see sense in things – probably just trolling.


2 thoughts on “J.D.Ferris”

  1. Hi J.D.

    Sons of the Singularity has two finished products now, both of which come out of successful Kickstarters.

    -The Sassoon Files, a campaign for Call of Cthulhu 7th and for Trail of Cthulhu set in 1920s Shanghai.

    -The Rational Magic Campaign, a dystopian fantasy campaign of espionage and investigation for 5e and The Lore System.  (Fulfilled to KS backers, goes on POD / PDF sale in mid-December)

    I’m wondering if I could interest you in writing a review for either or both of these. I will not offer you a freebie, as it’s against your ethics statement.

    Jesse Covner


    1. Hi Jesse, thanks for coming forward! As it turns out, I did see the Sassoon files on Kickstarter, and Rational Files sounds interesting.

      I am happy to take a look, but as you may have noticed from some of my other reviews, I target the content of RPG books (as the gameplay side of things is often very subjective). This means that I buy a product myself, read it and review it.

      I’ll message you directly to see about getting a review written up with some questions and get the ball rolling! 😉



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