Eve Online Will Not Beat Me: Part 2 – First Steps.

It has been a tremendous first week back to the game. After loading in and sitting in Amarr space for three hours while I read up on pretty much everything I had forgotten, I resolved to buy a little BattleCruiser. I realised how little I remembered about the combat (or rather I never learned.) So why not go through the tutorials?

First steos new to eve online exploration

Bad idea. The tutorials for Eve Online are dull in the extreme and pay out basically nothing. So after a few missions clubbing down NPCs with drones while I sat there with my head in my hands, I got out of dodge.


Last time I played, I did some exploration and found a little Astero that had been sitting patiently for 2 years, just waiting for my return. I named her “Lugubrious”, then spent another 2 hours fitting her properly for nullsec exploration.


As I mentioned in my last article, the game doesn’t really equip you for the amount of reading you’re going to have to do before you’ll be ready to undock. But after a good while trying to find what I could equip with the skills I had, waiting for new skills to train so I could fit essential items and reading up on the proper strategy to fly a cloaked frigate into no-security space, I was ready.

First steos new to eve online exploration

Zoom! Out I go. 18 jumps later I pass the point of no return and I’m in null sec. Now I’ve been a sneaky man, what I’ve done is fit out my ship for exploration (scanning down anomalies) and PvP, because as I previously mentioned, I wanted to learn the combat. So I’m spending my time sitting in systems and just watching what goes on. You gain an appreciation for the game when you do this, especially if you’re safe (using a covert ops cloak and proper safe-spot strategy.)


I saw people come and go on their business, evaded gate camps and stalked a few explorers. I never made any kills because I was just trying to see patterns. Trying to learn how to use D-scan and improve my null sec habits.


I also started my Corp properly. I’ve led a few groups in a few other games and I really like flying by the seat of my pants when it comes to that sort of stuff, I shall have no leader!

First steos new to eve online exploration

I also helped out a new player who, it turns out, is really good at the game. I took him on his first exploration mission into null sec and he got exploded after an hour or so; it was my fault! I saw a scout popping into our system and dismissed it, only to be cornered by their gang a little later. It did give my friend the most important lesson and feeling in Eve though – fear and adrenaline. He’s now running solo into null and netting big profits in a little Tier 1 frigate!


Tasks for this week: get the corp running well, set up a discord server, learn how to explore better and hunt down at least one explorer 😉


Thanks for reading! EternalCosmicBeardCorp are recruiting!
Boboko Busanagi.

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