Inktober Begins, Week One in Review

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Hello there! My name is Smidge and this is the first post I’m writing here on

It’s Sunday afternoon, it’s the end of the week and the end of the first week of both October and Inktober. If you aren’t aware Inktober is a month long artistic challenge, created by Jake Parker. Basically, it’s a challenge to draw every day of October and, as the name suggests, use ink.

For this year, my third, I have attempted to do both traditional and digital. My reasoning is that I wish to improve, and what better way than with this community challenge.

Each year there’s an official prompt list, which is a list of words to give you a starting point and I think that it is fun to see what other people come up with for the same word. I haven’t followed it before nor any of the other prompt lists from other artists, but this year that has changed! I’m following two lists, the official one for traditional and one from an Instagram user called snowwhitekt for digital.

So far it has been both fun and frustrating! My art skills are fairly limited, having only been drawing for about four years now, and it’s showing when I come to draw things other that cute little bears.

For the digital prompt list I wanted to do lots of witches in fun and complicated places, but my skills are not up to that just yet. But I’m glad that it’s come to that; needing to push myself to get better and to do the art that is in my head!

I’m proud of what I’ve accomplished so far this month and am excited for the rest of the month.

Here are a few from my week, for all of the others, check me out on Instagram: smidgedraws

First up, my favourite of the traditional set is my character LB gazing upon a rather nice looking cake. I love this one because it has some detail and because I think LB is very cute (I could be biased though).


Next is something of an experiment, I tried doing an isometric room using Procreate’s drawing grid. It was really satisfying to fill the room, but I ran out of ideas and time before filling it completely. It’s something that I would like to build on in the future.

Witch_s Room

And last but not least is the first picture I put up for Inktober. It’s another of my favourites and it’s because of the details. I often have little patience and skip over details that I know would help the picture, however, as I progress through this challenge I’m learning to take my time, which is great!


Are you taking part in Inktober? If so comment and let us know where to find you so we can cheer you on!

I’ll be back soon for a round up of the second week! I hope to see you then!

Tools used for Inktober-

Sakura Pigma Micron pens, sketchbook is a random one from supermarket: ASDA.

ipad pro 12.9 inch with apple pencil and Procreate app

-Smidge, of SmidgeDraws for

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